Hi, my name is Helen Sea and I am launching this blog to receive feedback on my audio book, ‘Tar: The Wandering’. This is being launched in early October by Books Are Loud on I’d be interested to know how you would like to see the story develop.

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  1. Helen,
    Very interested in your concept of audible books, which I notice is for children. I particularly like the page on Parental Guidance. Let me know when the book is launched.

    • helensea says:

      Hi Paul. Thanks for your comment. The reason for the Parental Guidance section is that I am one of a group of five authors to be published by Books Are Loud. As the other audio-books are for adults, I decided that it was appropriate to inform parents that the Links page led to such content.
      If you would like to listen to an extract from my book, you can use the link below. I hope you enjoy it. Helen

  2. Paul Scullion says:

    Thanks for your reply, I rather enjoyed the extract and cannot wait for the full audio book release. Paul

    • helensea says:

      Thanks. I’ll post the launch date and relevant info on the website, as soon as I have them. Helen

  3. Lida says:

    I like the trailer very much, the music is great, I like Tar, and I’m dying to know who shed the frozen tear… by the way how can I buy the book?

  4. Just saw your latest Adwords campaign – top ranking!!!
    How did you do it?

    • helensea says:

      Hi Paul,
      Thank you. My website designer suggested advertising and I am really pleased with the results. Helen